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The Hygiene Balancing Act…Patient Care vs. Practice Production

It’s not uncommon for us to hear dental hygienists that work in private practice and in DSO’s that “management” focus on production goals is…well, frankly a turn off. To some practitioners their one and only priority is the health and care of their patients, and talk of daily or monthly production goals stirs grumblings of unethical practices such as overtreatment. Unfortunately, some of these same providers have treated periodontal patients as “prophy” patients which is just as unethical. 

For those in dental management, at times it can seem a tightrope to align the philosophies and goals of patient care with business. Some tips to achieve balance: 

1. Always emphasize patient care when speaking with hygienists

2. Use references outside of your organization to help highlight the importance of both patient care and production. “Compassion & Production: Can They Coexist?” published in RDH Magazine, is a great article written by a hygienist for hygienists explaining how to achieve both! 

3. Continually help change the mindset of the equation – it’s not Care vs. Production – it’s Care = Production!

In the end, high production is an organic consequence of doing the right thing for patients! Diagnosing and then presenting applicable treatments for every patient leads to success for all!