Team Training

team training to achieve patient care and practice goals

Our tailored team trainings are based on your goals, systems, and protocols and is included in our consulting package. We also offer ala carte team trainings whether you are onboarding new employees or providing refresher training for your existing team members. Our training covers every aspect of the dental office. Below are some of our most commonly requested training topics.

Leading huddles

Huddles are an integral part of ensuring daily success. We help offices develop a huddle format that’s right for your team and customized for their goals and daily routine. We train and help implement virtually or in-person to ensure that all team members are on the same page and work together to strive for excellent patient care and office goal achievement.

Ideal Patient Experience

How a practice is perceived by patients, begins with how they view the website and the very first contact. We help teams understand all aspects of the patient experience and best practices for success. Our review and training will be based on your needs and may include online reviews, websites, social media, answering phones, text and email confirmations, patient hand-off, and more.  

Treatment presentation

Treatment presentation is fundamental to the success of a dental practice. Our expert team will provide a system for delivering a professional treatment presentation and increasing case acceptance. Training features do’s and don’ts including understanding patient motivations, effective verbiage, set-up of your practice management software (PMS), and the role each team member plays in contributing to success.

Accounts receivables

Our training is built around helping you increase your collections and is customized based on whether your office manages all components of the revenue cycle management in-house, or whether you outsource elements. We help teams understand critical components of the accounts receivables process and help document the process in your office based on industry best practices. We provide templates and verbiage that can be customized for your practice, and train relevant team members on the new process.  


Confirmations are a necessary daily task in the dental office. Whether your practice is using a manual process or using an industry vendor to aid in automated confirmations, we help ensure your team is trained accordingly. We provide templates and verbiage that can be customized for your practice. Your confirmations will increase, and your no-shows and cancellations will become a thing of the past.  


We all know how important the schedule is for success. Our training delves into scheduling guidelines that are built on industry best practices and customized based on your practice and providers. We cover how to develop templates, block scheduling, how to fill holes in the schedule, increasing access to care and more.

Managing by metrics

We can help training on your existing metrics platform, or help you understand the reporting available on your practice management software. We will help train your practice leaders on the system and guide them to use daily, weekly, and monthly reporting. And we help the owner doctor and office leaders understand what the numbers mean, and how to respond to the data on your progress towards goal achievement.