As Consultants, we know every practice and owner dentist’s desires are different. Our consulting approach is akin to your approach with your patients. We begin with understanding your chief complaint, then perform a metrics review and analysis, followed by a ‘diagnosis’ of practice health and a roadmap for growth.

Have you ever….

  • Crushed production last month, only to see it drop this month?
  • Worked your tail off on patient care, only to see the collections represent a fraction of what you produce?
  • Achieved your collections goal, only to find out your expenses ate away your profit margin?
  • Ran out of time to document office procedures?
  • Wondered why your hygienist only performs prophys, when you know statistically 50-70% of your patients have some form of periodontal disease?
  • Asked your front desk to fill holes in the schedule, and they filled it with crown seats?
  • Wanted to hire an Associate so you could have a better work/life balance or have more free time?
  • Left new hire training up to…the new hire?

Let us help you build a roadmap to achieve your dental dreams…

Leadership Partner

Practice Management Consulting

As your leadership partner, we help you define your vision and mission. Once defined, all efforts will align with and contribute to achieving your vision and dental dreams.  

We help you identify opportunities and implement growth strategies in all aspects of your practice.  Once a plan is in place, we will monitor progress and adjust as needed to keep the plan on track.

Team building and training

We help identify and build leaders in your practice that align with your vision. We supplement your training including professional development to help the talent in your office rise to their potential. Together with your leadership team, we will cultivate a team-based culture that works together for the betterment of patients and the practice.

Mergers & Acquisition

Do you feel you have your first practice mastered and are ready to acquire the next or multiple? We can help you with both the clinical and financial due diligence and a plan to hit the ground running upon closing. Make your investment decision based on facts instead of feelings and ensure the desired practice has growth opportunities.

Goal Setting and Roadmap

Most owner dentists have goals already in place. Yet, sometimes they are hit, and sometimes they are not because there isn’t a consistent plan in place or accountability measures. We will help develop goals based on your baseline measurements. Once we know where you are at, we will compare to industry benchmarks to identify your biggest opportunities. Then we can proceed with developing your target and stretch goals. Once we know where we are going, then we  build a roadmap to get there!


Business analytics and dental intelligence systems fundamental for growth. We can use your existing platform, or help you implement a new system. We will help train your practice leaders on the system and guide them to use daily, weekly, and monthly reporting. We regularly monitor and report to you on your progress towards goal achievement.

Processes and protocols


Most dental offices have some clinical and operational processes documented. But they are infrequently updated and reviewed to ensure they are current and aligned with the practice vision and goals. When something doesn’t go as planned, we oftentimes find that there isn’t a process in place or a team member was not adequately trained on the process. We help offices develop hygiene protocol and handoff, scheduling, confirmations, recall, insurance billing, accounts receivable, and much more – and then we ensure the team is trained!

controlling costs


It almost goes without saying that it doesn’t matter how much water you put in your bucket if you have a hole in it. We help you develop a budget based on your historical spend and industry benchmarks. If you are overspending on labs and supplies, we can help guide your team to make smart ordering decisions and take advantage of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) as necessary. We also evaluate other expenditures and provide strategies for staying on budget.  

Profit and loss review

You learned how to read a Profit and Loss Statement in Dental School…right? It is not uncommon for Owner Dentists to just focus on what’s in the bank account, and not pour over the P&L at the end of each month. We condense the details into an easier to read and understand overview each month, and comment on how you compare to industry targets. We highlight areas of achievement and also concern. And if you are in the market to sell your practice, we will set a plan in place to maximize the valuation.

new hire onboarding

Who is responsible for your new hire onboarding, and what is covered? In dentistry, it’s not uncommon to have a limited timeframe for on-boarding. After all, you hired them because they knew the job, right? Even if they are capable of performing their job, industry research has shown that strong onboarding can improve retention and productivity. We can help you with a review of your processes for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, and as applicable supplement your new hire onboarding training to help them get up to speed and integrate into the culture more quickly. 

Multiple Practices

Buying and owning multiple practices brings a whole new level of opportunity, as well as challenges. Having a dedicated, trustworthy, and experience team is paramount to your success (and your sanity). Whether you own 2 practices or over 20, we have helped owner dentists and corporations of dentists successfully scale and achieve wealth creation while also continuing to maintain the primary focus of exemplary patient care.