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End of Day Report

Our end-of-day report provides a snapshot of the day in an easy-to-complete and easy-to-read format. It's a favorite of Office Managers and Owner Dentists.

Treatment Tracker

Outstanding treatment can be a big revenue opportunity for a dental practice. Be sure your team records their attempted calls to more efficiently follow up.

60-Minute Assisted Hygiene

Get started with Assisted Hygiene with a structured approach to help improve the patient experience and help the team stay coordinated and on time!

Huddle Form

Start your day with an impactful huddle digital using our simple form that reviews where you are to goal, and highlights other important details to help you get a plan for the day!

Hygiene Patient Scripting: Prophy vs Perio Maintenance

Having consistent verbiage you use with patients is important for their understanding, and to also help with treatment acceptance. Here are some great suggestions!

Hygiene Chart Audit Form

Hygienists love this tool to prepare for the day ahead. Review tomorrow's patient's charts and jot down notes for same-day tx opportunities and maximizing patient care.