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Customized Training

At Dental Education Partners we work with our customers and "start with the end in mind". Understanding baseline performance metrics and customer goals, allows us to develop customized training to help our customers achieve those goals. 

Our business is focus is to customize training for dental support organizations and private dental practices. We also customize training for dental suppliers and dental manufacturers.   

Needs Assessment / Production Analysis

Business analytics and dental intelligence systems are becoming more and more common place. The challenge for those who do invest, is what actionable activities and training should be implemented upon review of the intelligence? Dental Education Partners can help you evaluate your trends and identify opportunities to develop actionable training for results. 

We can also assist offices that choose not to invest in expensive dental intelligence platforms. We have easy-to-use production and key performance trackers to assist our customers in establishing metrics and monitoring trends and success over time.

Ala Carte Training and Education

Dental Education Partners also has ala carte services. If you have a one-time clinical or business need or event, our instructors have experience writing presentations or delivering presentations you may already have in place. We partner with organizations to support any number of educational event types, locations, and sizes including: 

  • Industry association or study club lectures 
  • In-office training and Lunch and Learn events
  • Motivational keynotes and speeches for small or large events
  • Webinars - live or on-demand
  • Team-building events and exercises
  • Product launches or roll-outs of new processes


“Mary Hughes has trained our DSO out of Las Vegas multiple times and we cannot say enough about her and the way she interacts with our team! Mary uses humor and her knowledge of the dental field to relate to her professional audience (dentists/hygienists). She builds trust and excels in the art of teaching when it comes to soft tissue management and dental related sales. I would recommend Mary for any training available. She is one of the top dental speakers/trainers in the field hands down!” - Ryan Heroy – BDG Dental Services  

"Dental Education Partners delivered training for our team that isn't offered anywhere else. Their training has dramatically changed our teams ability to influence treatment acceptance. I would recommend their services to any office looking to increase profitability!"

- Dr. Steven Wingfield, Dental Whale Practice Group

How do I get started and what does it cost?

Q: How do I find out if your training will work for us? 

A: We start with a complimentary phone call to discuss your needs and if the services we offer will meet your needs. Send us an email to schedule a call or call us directly to discuss!

Q: What does your training cost? 

A: Our training is very cost-effective and we will work with our customers based on their needs and their budget. Every quote is customized from there. Our common costs include honorarium, content developing time and material, and travel or related expense reimbursement.


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